Patient compliance solved.

Laso leverages AI to improve patient outcomes and achieve higher standards of care.

Practical Tools for Comprehensive Optimization.
laso helps case workers spend more time with patients, less time on compliance.
Automated Compliance System
Laso analyzes data through automated channels, transforming record keeping into a marketable success factor.
Enhanced Care Communication
Laso utilizes an innovative system of communication to ensure patients and providers are given the best chance to succeed.
End-to-End Integration
Laso is the first patient facing tool which facilitates true continuing care & actionable recovery for life.
Collaborative Care
Measure comprehensive patient data across the entire lifecycle of treatment.
Leverage Real-time Behavioral Data
Inform decisions with real insights and validated results.
Learn From Global Insights
View recommendations on improving patient specific outcomes.
Biller Integration.
Laso integrates directly with the leading billing software providers for complete workflow optimization.
Know Your Patient.
Leverage past treatment visits to enhance team member assignments, shape treatment plans, and highlight potential warning signs.